Thursday, August 30, 2012

Candace ♥ Wayne ... Highlights

Location, location, location. Just after the start of Candace and Wayne's ceremony, Ryf the events man at the Vancouver Art Gallery led me on a game of snakes and ladders up to an untouched vantage point in the building. The Occulace. To use Ryf's words, we were "going rogue." Looking over the edge of this decorative balcony and down on the ceremony was just eye popping. In the end I really had to rush, and there is just one quick shot from this point of view in the video.

But this amazing venue also inspired a complex filming plan involving four videographers strategically placed and with specific instructions on how to move the camera and when to pick up and move to a new vantage point. It was such a fun challenge to get the most out of the stunning rotunda with staircases, railings and geometry begging to be framed and captured. I have to say I've never felt so far away from the actual ceremony itself, since I was running around so much. It's wonderful to have a professional, creative team that I can trust with getting the majority of the coverage.

Oh and the wedding? The morning was a little crazy with a couple changes in the plan. Got some perfect exteriors of Holiday Inn but was then told nothing would be happening there. I do actually enjoy a bit of chaos, unpredictability, lack of control. It's the randomness that is so interesting in life, the feeling that anything can happen. Just like Ryf, I enjoy going rogue.

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  1. That was awesome c and weezy. Now Jess wants a video!!! Way to go.