Monday, August 20, 2012

Amy ♥ Zev ... Salt Spring Island

It is really enjoyable to create a video for someone we don't really know, at least until the day of their wedding, and to show them our vision of what their day was. We're fortunate that brides and grooms trust us to capture the most important day of their lives, often without having met us personally. Amish Solanki referred Amy and Zev to us, and to be honest I knew almost nothing about them or their wedding before getting on the ferry to Salt Spring Island.

I did some filming on the ferry, though it was rainy and getting dark. Amish tested out a polaroid camera he would use for Amy and Zev's guestbook. I captured a soundbite from the ferry's loudpeaker, and combined it with some footage shot in slomo. This moment is a great example of the Love Story Media style, combining the banal with the abstract, to create something strange but inviting, like a door that hasn't been shut properly.

The following morning Amish and I got up super early to capture Amy doing her morning Yoga. She is a yoga instructor so it was a must for us to be there. The intro music was a piece I shazamed that morning, being one of Amy's go to yoga pieces. Hearing this music and being between a fireplace and two very intense yogi put me in a bit of an altered state that morning. And I tried not to judge myself too severely seeing the healthy, wholesome organic food being prepared. Everything was so "of the earth," then suddenly out came the dress. What a piece of art. That's when I realized, yes it's a wedding.

Zev is very obviously a man who has lived life, questioned it, and lived it again. "I am a man who walks with integrity, truth, honesty and trust," he says in his vows. He has journeyed. We attempted to render his journey in the video, using among other a shots a timelapse shot from the ferry on the way back to Vancouver. For Amy's "freezing cold oceans," I chose a shot of Zev holding Amy, her tanned arms covered in goosebumps.

Weather played a big role in this wedding. The wind pushed around perfect timelapse clouds in the morning, but then a different kind of cloud, which washed out the ceremony. You can see the wind at work in the video. In my mind, wind operates like a mysterious agent, making decisions for us and altering our fates. The ceremony was moved indoors and it did make for a tight squeeze and dim lighting, but somehow everything unexpected just ends up making sense and fitting perfectly. Instantly the weather broke after the ceremony, and we passed the wreckage of the rustic decor on the way to a perfectly lit photo shoot. It is Salt Spring Island after all.

The video closes with two traditions: the Jewish chair dance, and a handheld camera with on-camera-lighting. The latter is something you will never see in an LSM video. It's 80s old school videography. But somehow it's perfect. It's like, genre.

It is always a blast working with Amish, and we ended the night with one more collaboration: a ring shot filmed on a developing polaroid of Amy & Zev's hands. Chermaine put the icing on the cake with a carefully chosen font; not to mention her perfect "foley" work here and elsewhere in the video.

This is our most beautiful and expressive video of the year. I hope it means something to you.

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