Friday, June 22, 2012

Shima ♥ Parham ... Highlights

No question about it, Shima and Parham's wedding was lavish and elaborate. Shima's dresses and accessories, Parham's absolutely perfect suit, the amazing sofreh put together by Atoosa Shahzad and the many gifts that followed the ceremony. The stunning Fairmont Pacific Rim filled with beautifully attired guests. And an amazing live band thrilling and energizing a sea of happy dancing people.

I think what is so unique about a Persian wedding is the continuous expressions of love by the bride and groom to one another, and by the guests to the happy couple. All the lavishness has a point.

Years ago I was among those who thought of the expense that went into a wedding as excessive and unnecessary. But it is not enough to love someone. Love on its own is mute and hidden, and has no power. Love needs to be shown and shared; to be given and received. A wedding is the perfect platform for this to happen.

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