Friday, June 22, 2012

Mandy ♥ Bryce ... Highlights

This was a day of high emotion. It's common that emotions come out at weddings, often to the surprise of the people who suddenly find tears running down their faces. So many components of your life come to a point on that day, and the prescence of family and friends just intensifies your feelings. It was a bit of a crazy morning, and just when things were coming together there was a wardrobe malfunction. This really spiked the emotions of the day and pushed the schedule back a bit. I think it was just perfect that Alicia Keats was there, truly an unflappable and level headed person, perfect for this type of situation.

Mandy and her family miss her father very much, and his name came up over and over in the speeches, and his abscence was felt in the honour dances, where Mandy danced with each of her brothers after Bryce had danced with his mother. I don't really believe that we ever lose anyone; they are always part of us, are always there for us.

On a more cheerful note, it was a perfect sunny day with gorgeous venues. It was our first time filming in the "real" part of the Law Courts, a really wonderful space that was perfect for a wedding that was in part designed around a Mad Men theme. The layout for both the ceremony and first dance was perfect, with guests seated comfortably around and being the perfect background for our video coverage.

And it wasn't only Mandy that got emotional this day; Bryce had a moment as well, that Mandy made sure we captured. Nothing like shedding a tear, only to have four cameras swoop down on you! But the shots from that moment are just perfect, including one very similar to a shot from Samien and Chris's wedding, with the groom popping into focus as he completes a hug, tear in eye.

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  1. Mandy ♥ Bryce... I was so mesmerized by her grace & beauty! And a true gentleman with remarkable sincerity. What a breathtaking couple. A Love Story, A Beautiful Memory created by Love Story Media.