Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ivy ♥ Patrick ... Highlights

It's a paradox that sometimes it's the couples that I know the least can end up having the most inspiring weddings. For example Abby & Denis, who I first met on the day of their wedding. I think it's a combination of discovering brand new people which is always thrilling, and being presented with a blank piece of paper to put just about anything on. I did meet with Ivy and Patrick just before the wedding, but let's just say they were reticent!

It was also great to discover Cecil Green Park House, which we only briefly swooped down on for Dilshad & Tim's wedding ceremony in 2010. Spaces are inspiring, and the library adjoining the bridal room at this venue definitely got me thinking.

And I have to say I love these self-planned, selfmade weddings where everyone chips in. It's just charming. It was the ideal wedding to work on with Leslie and Mark of Sakura Photography. I'm always floored by the work they do, discovering gorgeous images in places I hadn't even looked. Can't wait to see what they came up with this time around.

It was awesome editing this one with Chermaine. Just like Lennon & McCartney!

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