Friday, June 22, 2012

Ariane ♥ Carny ... SDE

Some things are just universal. MAC cosmetics. Bick's Baby Dills. The Westin Bayshore…? And rain in Vancouver. And hey, why not pay tribute to all of them while paying tribute to your favourite person. That was all accomplished in this video. I was not sure what to think after first meeting Ariane and Carny, but then once I met them again on their wedding day, I felt I had a handle on their personalities. They are fun loving and goofing in an extremely "meta" way. It is a fascinating product of our culture that we have the luxury of poking fun at the very fabric of our existence; Ariance and Carny are expert at this, and it is a lot of fun!

Ariane works at the Bayshore, but wanted to keep the showings of the hotel's logo to a minimum in the video. Carny's wedding gift, however, was very welcome, though no one could open the jar until Carny stepped in later in the evening. So symbolic… or not? Awkward.

The rain was really not a problem for this wedding, and I'll just say it's nice to have a weatherproof 5D Mark III that simply cuts through the downpour. Rain is really expressive and atmospheric, and it just made sense to open the video with a POV shot from inside the limo. I've spent a lot of time watching water droplets like that, mind wandering. For this wedding, the rain just added intensity rather than dampening moods.

And it would take a lot to dampen Ariane and Carny. It's always fun to have such free-spirited people on the other side of the camera. The choreographed cake cut lift and then the robot dance were very charming… and very "Cariane." Yes they are an inseparable pair. Even the most meta people are looking for that one special person. Some things are just universal.

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