Friday, April 20, 2012

Ashley ♥ Nathan ... SDE

What a great way to kick off the year! Every time we have a wedding with Tanya at Milestone Events, we know we are in for something big. Dilshad & Tim, anyone? It's so much fun, and so great to have all that "content" for our videos. Tanya was totally fearless planning Ashley and Nate's wedding, even as it grew and grew. A month before the wedding we had a production meeting: a two hour chat over popcorn and sparkling wine going through an 18 page itinerary.

Near the end of the meeting, Ashley's mother Mary Martin suddenly had the idea of adding a Bhangra performance to the reception. Tanya was a little surprised by the idea but within a day it was arranged. Checking in with me as I was finishing up the SDE, Tanya asked me to include a couple of snippets, which I did! And I had to include a bit of Nearly Neil and ABRA Cadabra, two awesome tribute acts.

This was not only a wedding but also a family reunion, with over a hundred guests arriving from Calgary and back east. Perhaps that's why "Alberta beef" was included in one of the hors d'oeuvres. Ash and Nate asked us to pay special attention to their grandparents, and to capture peoples voices throughout the day. They didn't want the entire focus to be on them. I also made sure to get shots of the colour coded limos. I'm not usually a fan but traveling in a colossal limo with Ashley and her family to the church was a treat. Especially with the "wedding music" supplied by Mary.

The last word goes to Nate. He's a rock! A slab of granite. Who also knows how to get the most out of life! The pastor gave him a little look when saying the line about "high expectations." I'm sure Nate is only to happy to prove he that he can meet them.


  1. an absolutely beautiful ceremony, a stunning bride and a dashing groom = a fairytale wedding.

  2. Bill and RosemaryApril 24, 2012 at 8:22 AM

    This video captured the 'Heart' of the was palpable. In relationships, we think it is often getting to the 'heart of the matter' that we truly meet and evolve. We believe from the experience of the day that Ashley and Nate have much 'Heart' for each other. It was a privledge to be a part of this day.
    Warmly, Bill and Rosemary