Monday, March 26, 2012

Yuya ♥ Anban: The Engagement

Yuya and I are facebook friends, and through her status updates I've been treated to images of Hello Kitty, Happy her fluffy white cat, cute food, cute iPhone accessories, and all sorts of things that are pink. It's great! Aside from not wearing her funky black frames, Yuya's engagement party was pretty much the same idea.

The amazing and wonderful makeup artist Jayna Marie pinkified Yuya and then it was off to Bridges Restaurant to meet Anban. It was a full on engagement with a ring exchange and a signing ceremony. They are officially engaged! The wedding is happening later this year in China; I so wish we could make it...

Then, umbrellas in hand, it was off for a tour around Granville Island with Leslie from Sakura Photography. I always recommend her to couples! Her work is just gorgeous. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Yuya and Anban are so ridiculously cute together that it's not fair, but the rest of us get to watch the video!!

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  1. Eric, thank you and your team. Thanks for your hard work and documenting my engagement day. Looking at it make me smile.
    You captured my interests and thoughts. Also my lovely happy, don't know if u have footage of him. he would love to be shown to the world. I"m so glad to have you file my engagement. Too bad you can't make it to my china wedding, but tell you one thing the company i hire in china they have heard you guys and pretty interested to see the video as well.
    Can't wait for my final version of it in may and i will def show you the video of my china wedding......^.^