Saturday, March 24, 2012

FAZIOLI: Music Sounds Better on the World's Finest Pianos

After filming weddings almost exclusively for five years, Love Story Media now offers commercial videography. This video was commissioned by Showcase Pianos, the exclusive dealer in BC for the very rare and highly acclaimed Fazioli piano. We were asked to create a short, memorable video that would create excitement around this luxury class product and define what is so special about the Fazioli piano. The video will be displayed at both Showcase Pianos locations and as part of Fazioli promotional campaigns around the world.

Filming took place at White Rock Baptist Church, three private residences including a truly grand penthouse apartment, and at the stunning Showcase Pianos in Aberdeen Centre, Richmond. We had the opportunity to meet Ingegnere Fazioli himself, and capture two extremely talented young artists performing on fine Fazioli specimens.

On a personal note it was an honour to be allowed to film Angela Hewitt and even more so to steal a few moments of her time for an interview. She is a living legend and a great Canadian artist. This was a thrilling and inspiring project that opened my eyes to the creative possibilities in commercial video.

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