Monday, March 5, 2012

The 2nd Annual BC Wedding Awards · The Woscars!!

Every December, after the flurry and bustle of the wedding season has passed, the cream of the industry gather to mingle, party and celebrate their accomplishments. 2010 was the inaugural year, and we were totally thrilled to win the award for Best Videography/Cinematography! What a great feeling. It was a great night, but the 2011 awards were even better! Er... one million times better to be exact! I have to admit, the anticipation leading up to the videography award was a bit more than I could take. I sort of hid in my seat, pretty much expecting someone else to win. How could we win again? The other submissions seemed awesome. But then, lightning struck again! And our name was announced... "Love Story Media!" Incredible. Such a great great feeling.

Check out this great video for a fun look at this event, and watch for a couple snippets of yours truly with the Wedding Belles. I love being on camera!

It honestly felt just like the Oscars. In fact, the awards show was christened as the Woscars by our hosts the Wedding Belles, and the name seems to be sticking! I would love if the 2012 Woscars were broadcast on TV... stay tuned!!!

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