Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ravneet ♥ Raminder ... SDE

Does one's body become stretched from staring too long at the stars? Raminder's physique and posture suggests he looks upwards the greater part of the time. In fact, he works at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre here in Vancouver and through a telescope or on the planetarium's dome he has guided many a visitor on a stellar walk. That museum became the reception venue for his and Ravneet's wedding just after Christmas.

During the ceremony, Ravneet and Raminder spent the majority of the time with their heads bowed, eyes closed. This was a very long ceremony, no doubt, but one where every passage read by the Granthi and every note performed by the ragas carried so much weight. The ceremony was at the Sikh Academy in Surrey, a new temple that we really enjoyed filming in. There is quite a bit of light - enough for me to use my trusty 24-105 lens - and perfect slider platforms on either side of the guru. Also we were able to get perfect audio using one output from the sound board. That always makes my day.

Ravneet was extremely bright and chipper throughout the morning, and immediately called herself a bridezilla for making one small request. She and her friends fed on doughnuts and tried to keep inappropriate jokes to a minimum while watching the clock as they struggled with the chunni. Ravneet was so happy when we incorporated a few clips from her maiyan recorded by a friend. And it was funny to see how crazy people can get when the person filming them is someone they know!

The space centre is a great venue, and it was used perfectly for this wedding. Food was served in a beautiful space downstairs, keeping the exhibition space and planetarium upstairs just for dancing and the speeches and performances, respectively. Raminder begged to have the end time of the event extended, commenting that one hour of dancing is really not enough. There was just enough time for everyone to get down, despite a fire alarm and evacuation caused by the DJ's smoke machine! This is the second time we've had this happen at a wedding, and it's a great way to end the night!