Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nicole ♥ Matt .. Next Day Edit

I feel like my life has changed gradually and I've become less European and more Canadian over the years. I was born here to Norwegian parents, and it took me a very long time to absorb the fact that I am not European but rather Canadian. My city is not Bergen but Vancouver. Finally, largely as a result of finding a home in the wedding industry; as a result of finding friends and inspiration in this wonderful work I try to do in videography, I feel like I've arrived and settled.

But then you meet someone who makes you look back to who you were; perhaps to what you've left behind and need to rediscover. Nicole and Matt are capital "E" European. They are at home and successful here in Canuckland, but they are on a different, older, and perhaps more profound wavelength. From Nicole I received a rarity: well-written e-mails full of clever turns of phrase. For their honeymoon, she and Matt went not to Cancun or Hawaii but to the Danube River.

At the wedding, the written word - that is, the hand-written word - was put on a pedestal. I imagine a few of the guests struggled a bit to actually write on the postcards and on the map after typing and tapping their way through so many correspondences.

Stepping into the Wedgewood Hotel in the morning was like entering a dimension I didn't know existed in Vancouver. It was slightly odd and yet comforting. Inside, the diction, the furs, and the makeup all felt classic and old world. In addition to creating the ur-garter, Nicole's mother took the dress-tightening role. When she asked Nicole how tight she'd like the dress to be, Nicole answered, "Like the 18th century." I had to stop filming.

Melia Sorenson and I took turns sharing some of the tighter spaces during the prep. As always, it was thrilling working with her. And really, it's just a good sign when a client has hired Melia to take their photos. Her work is so arty and striking... and yes, old world. Roaming around Stanley park with her and M&N was perfect with the weather and colours at their fall peak. Then came the excitment of scrambling to just the right location to take advantage of a last-second sunburst.

Another slice of a different time was Stanley Park Pavilion, Nicole and Matt's reception venue. It's a dark, woody space that resides in our gorgeous left-of-central park. I've never seen it glow and sparkle like it did with the stunning decor installed by Tanya and Kezia for this wedding. At the end of the night we experimented with light and shone every beam available at the mirror ball that hangs from the SPP ceiling. The result was a glowing light puncuated by 80's rotating sparkles. And in a baby city like Vancouver, sometimes the 80's is old world enough.

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