Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Naveen ♥ Jeevan ... SDE

Sports analogies can make sense anywhere. How is a wedding like a sport? There are rules to follow, but only because they are rules. Meanwhile you get to do basically whatever else you want, however you want. Indian weddings are loaded with traditions, rules and requirements. It's no wonder that the majority of couples need to be guided through the many parts of their wedding, until finally reaching the point where they can switch to more western garb and kick it at their reception.

Naveen and Jeevan stressed to me how non-traditional they hoped their wedding would be. Jeevan, who simply described himself as a "sports guy," wasn't too thrilled about having to wear a turban, and as you'll see chose not to grow a beard for the wedding. First time we've seen that. However, you can sense his excitement and nervousness as he gives the rundown of the day and calls the ceremony "game time." The cars revving and idling provided the perfect ambience for the moments before Jeevan leaves for the temple.

Naveen's prep was much more calm, and almost tense until her uncle had an emotional moment. He told Naveen about the first time he saw her, when she was small enough to hold in his hands. Both he and Naveen had to pause and collect themselves. It was a dark, overcast morning, but suddenly the sun and one narrow window aligned and I was able to capture a beautiful moment of Naveen with the light falling on her face.

There are a lot of shots in the video that I love, but I'll just write a bit about the slomo ring shot about 1/3 through. Chermaine and I positioned the rings on one of the tabla used during the ceremony. We created some movement with Jeevan's wedding band and recorded it at 60 frames per second. Over and over. We dropped it, spun it and rolled it again and again until capturing what you see here. When it falls, you hear the actual sound of the rings colliding, slowed down and pitch shifted by 250%. The rings jiggle like wrestlers on a canvas mat. Sports analogies always fit.


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