Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ka Wai ♥ Ed ... SDE

I've told quite a few people that at every wedding, there is a moment when I feel deeply touched emotionally. Honestly we do film many many weddings and let's just say there are patterns - there can be a sameness after a while. But it never fails, at some point during the day I'll find myself moved. To the point that I can go outside myself and experience what I'm seeing as a brand new person. I've found that this is truly what motivates me. For better or worse I'm not motivated by what is normally considered important.

At Ka Wai and Ed's wedding, the moment came during the ceremony, when the whole congregation sang together. I am not a religious person, but it was overwhelming. A mass of people singing with conviction and belief is hard to resist. At moments like that

Ed introduced his own symbolic element into his wedding, handing out swords and leather wristbands emblazoned with the names of his groomsmen and best friends; those who had "fought" alongside him for Ka Wai. I had met Ed at Ivy and Gordon's wedding last year, and similar to their wedding he wanted a crazy, high energy reception. He definitely got it. Perhaps he didn't bargain for being chased around Fairmont Pacific Rim with bottles and glasses full of "refreshments."

Speaking of FPR, dontcha love the opening shot? Signage is so fun. The intro is a little overboard epic, but I think it somehow works: it matches that serious expression that is so often on Ed's face, and contrasts perfectly with Ka Wai's hilarious comment. Yes she and her girls were in no rush at all, as if time didn't exist. Ka Wai and her sisters are definitely a unique bunch.

Ed and his fellow crusaders were put through a myriad of games, that began with Ed signing away his life. Ed's legal friend - who you'll see later wiping the sweat from Ed's neck - advised him that contract was indeed legal, but that he was signing it under duress. All this under cover of umbrellas with rain beating down. But the weather as it so often does turned magically and became dry and finally partly sunny during the funky photo shoot with Blue Olive.

I'm happy that I was able to tie a nice bow on the video with the shot of Ka Wai and Ed on the balcony of their hotel suite. The room itself was so gorgeous that bride and groom suddenly decided to hold their tea ceremony there. But not before relaxing and enjoying some time as husband and wife.

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