Thursday, October 27, 2011

Joy ♥ Preston ... SDE

I still get nervous before weddings. Before every wedding. I just did a count and I've filmed over 110 weddings. But I still feel like I can't really be sure how a given wedding is going to turn out. Which videos are going to be the ones that really stand out.

This wedding came at a sort of hinge point: the day before our trip to Hawaii. There was so much to sort out the previous week, and my friends know how crazy the Friday before the wedding was. But when I showed up at Joy's parents place Saturday morning, I felt ready and inspired. Relaxed. It helped that Ellen was the photographer.

Also brilliant was the fact that Joy had hired Jayna and booked her celebrity package - meaning that Jayna would be at her side throughout the day keeping her drop dead gorgeous. I told Jayna that I would write the following in this blog entry: Even if Jayna was a terrible makeup artist, I'd still recommend that brides hire her. Because... she is amazing. She'll take great care of you. She will be your advocate, your cheerleader and your most honest voice to help you navigate what is a very challenging day. But guess what. On top of all that, she IS a phenomenal makeup artist. Hire her.

The wedding speaks for itself: gorgeous. The couple: so wonderful, so sweet, and so inspiring. Traipsing around Steveston with Joy, Preston and Ellen was like a photo walk - just pure creation and fun. I found myself filming a bee with a wide angle lens, and that shot is my favourite in the video.

This day felt like a farewell just before our departure - and in other ways - and it was wonderful to share it with Joy, Preston, Ellen and Jayna. Thank you.


  1. The first time we saw this at the wedding it was so touching and we are so happy we chose Love Story Media as our videographers. Thanks for capturing our day. Looking forward to the longer version, I'm sure it will be even better.


  2. Jayna is not only a phenomenal, talented and passionate make up artist, she is also so much fun to work with and I am still amazed at how quickly she did my hair/make up changes for me (she even helped me change!!!).

    Erik, you will not believe how many people told me they cried after watching this video. It is truly touching and captured so many special moments. You and Ellen are both SOOO talented and work so well together. Your positive energy and passion for your work is truly inspiring.