Thursday, October 20, 2011

Irene ♥ Ali ... Highlights

We have met some of our favourite clients through the amazing Nancy Chen, whose wedding we filmed back in 2009. Irene and Ali are no exception. I always love meeting and chatting with couples, and the meetings often go overtime because we keep finding great stuff to chat about. Hanging out with Irene and Ali was a blast. A lot of time was spent at the JJ Bean and the Starbucks at Main and 14th.

These two met through friends at UBC, and it was a natural choice for them to have their photo shoot at that campus and their wedding at the University Golf Club. Part of the photo shoot with the unbelievably nice Scott D Johnson took place in a secret stand of trees where several study hours were squandered. There's one shot in the video that could be someone's point of view during those days.

Irene finished her studies just before her wedding, and as is common for those who have just completed a stressful period of their life, she promptly got sick. Poor Irene lost her voice. She tried to speak as little as possible during the day, and desribed her voice as a "frog voice." To me it just makes the excerpt of her speech we included extra touching.

Ali is in the midst of his engineering studies. At one meeting, Irene cracked a joke about having a shot in the video of Ali studying the blueprints of a camera while opening the device up, and proceeding to electrocute himself. I later found out that this is a factual thing that happened to Ali. I've never heard of anything like that! So funny.

After their speech, Irene and Ali introduced what they described as their "cheesy Iranian wedding video." They had gotten officially married in the home country and had a very unique video produced. They told me earlier that the whole point of the Vancouver wedding was the the video we would create for them. Irene and Ali, I like how you think!

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  1. Beautifully done and very professional!