Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vivian ♥ Chris ... SDE

Vivian and Chris were united on a fine day in September, when the first leaves began to curl and amber, hastened by chilling gusts of wind. Sun scorched rooftops hid rushed preparations for the coming nuptial, such as playing outdated Nintendo games and sipping from a near endless supply of mead.

Really this was a very interesting day, with Viv's family an assortment of people seemingly and in some cases actually from the Hong Kong television world. They were all ready for their close-ups, even when they weren't ready. Over to Chris' prep and omg the game was afoot. I was pretty sure I'd need to bleep some of the utterances for the SDE. There were not only liquids but solids as well, with Chris' mom telling us to eat then leading by example.

Ceremony and photos were a blast but the reception topped everything. Honestly usually the reception is anticlimactic - all the big stuff is done and from a visual standpoint it's just people sitting around eating. Not at this wedding. At this wedding they were standing around drinking. Totally different. Then the 80's music kicked in. Do these people pose in front of mirrors memorizing the lyrics and coming up with random insane moves to go with the music? They must. My stomach hurt after filming for a while, I could not stop laughing. Way too fun. Yes I will help myself to the midnight snack = giant pile of McDonalds hamburgers. Perfect night. With the grumpy Law Courts staff looking on what a riot. Maybe the expletive- and puke-image-filled video put together by the groomsmen had something to do with that.

But I digress! It was an awesome day filled with funky artsy people and beneath all the silly craziness Viv and Chris really really love each other and put on an amazing party for their friends. I hope the video - along with the awesome Junk of the Heart - captures the vibe of this day.

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