Friday, September 23, 2011

Kamal ♥ Deepak ... SDE

Two cultures meeting. It can lead to war. Or love.

Kamal and Deepak are the second couple we've worked with who had a double wedding. But unlike Tim and Dilshad, both their weddings happened on the same day. Make no mistake, it was a long day. Following several other long days. By the end of the 4th night and the end of the video, Kamal really appears ready for bed. We were as well.

Deepak is a top notch man, efficient, dutiful, and always upbeat. Maybe this is what it's like working with the best kind of actor; someone always at ease, always looking sharp. He constantly deferred to Kamal, saying, "It's what she wants."

Kamal is a forceful woman seemingly made of some type of Indian steel. There's a very hard but warm look in her eye. Together, K and D will move mountains.

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