Friday, September 2, 2011

Jen ♥ Geoff ... SDE

This was such a fun one! Some couples are so different and quirky and in Jen and Geoff's case sarcastic and self-deprecating that it's hard to get a read on them. What would impress them? How can I make a video that's hip enough for them? What type of song would be un-lame enough? It's funny that in the end, everyone turns out to have a heart of gold.

I was lucky enough to shoot this wedding with Ellen; we've shot quite a few together this year. We chatted just after the ceremony, and she told me that she cried during the ceremony. I said, at which part? It was the same part where I sorta lost it. After the ceremony and during the signing, Jen's choir got up to sing a couple of songs. Suddenly Jen ran up and joined them and they launched into "Mr. Wonderful" obviously dedicated to Geoff. Finally Jen returned to Geoff to sing the final chorus. Wow that really had an impact, and if there was a dry eye in the house I'd be shocked.

Another highlight of the day was the food. Not the actual food maybe but how it was presented and enjoyed. Scones and sandwiches were proffered during the prep and enjoyed by Jen most of all - *after* her getting her makeup! Scrumptious! There was a well-timed visit to McDonald's. The video ends on Jen savouring her wedding cake, which I think is fitting. But best of all was the groom cake. I don't think I can describe it, suffice to say that it was the ultimate man-cake and looked totally insane being wheeled out in the ballroom at Sutton. Geoff commented, "That is all kinds of awesome." I tried to make a video worthy of that type of comment!

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  1. This video *IS* all kinds of awesome! Thank you so much, Erik, for capturing our big day - food and otherwise!

    I think the official formula is (Jen + McDonalds) + (Geoff + beer/Fireball) x the power of (Erik & Love Story Media + Ellen & Hong Photography) = total amazeballs. ;)

    Can't wait to watch this video over and over again (wait...I already have)!