Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bergan ♥ Patrick ... SDE

I almost feel like it's a cheese factor when certain shots in a video link with lyrics in the song we've used. Listen for "where this road is going to lead me, " "turn the page" and "down this road" and notice the shots at those moments. These are definitely not intentional or even wanted really, but when they happen I feel like I'm on the right track with my editing choices.

And you know you're watching a Love Story Media video when 80% of the shots have lens flares. Hey, well, the sun was there so we had to use it. There's also a pretty interesting lens flare in the final shot from the reception. And speaking of weather, Bergan and Patrick lucked out with some very dramatic clouds during the photo shoot. Photographers will appreciate that the clouds came pre-graded :)

We decided to come along for some of the photos at Iona Beach though that was not the original plan, and B&P just attacked it with us. They were ready for anything, including climbing and descending the precarious stairs of the tower for some gorgeous images. Bergan even asked Patrick to stay behind so I could get a shot of her epic train as it poured down the steps. I included an extra long shot involving an airplane that Cedric is very proud of.

I do want to make sure to mention Raymond and Jesse, who are always so so great to work with. If there are nicer and more energetic photographers out there, we haven't met them. And we can always count on beautiful photo shoots with them on the vendor list.

Looking back on the edit, I'm amazed that I survived without including any bride-putting-on-white-dress shots. It just didn't need to be there - though there are some absolutely stunning shots that Bergan will have to wait to see in the main feature. I believe we did include enough details of this very unique dress, as well as a detail of Patrick's very cool tux. Note the cut from the collar of his tux to the close-up of his face. His chin appears in the first shot but not the second. When you cut between two shots of the same subject without changing the scale, you shouldn't include anything shown in the first image in the second. In this cut, there's no overlap between the two shots of Patrick whatsoever. That makes me happy!

My favourite element of the day was Patrick's blindfold. He needed to wear it so that he could travel with Bergan to the church yet not see her until she appeared at the end of the aisle. Some people think of everything!

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  1. You guys have done it again. Don't know how you work your magic, but you always produce videos that capture everyone's heart!

    Thank-you and your team for the exceptional work on our special day. We LOVE the video and can't stop watching it. Not only that the video is synchronized with the lyrics, it has really captured the emotions of the day. Thanks again for such an amazing video!