Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Behind the Scenes with Amanda Wood

I first met Amanda Wood while filming a wedding in 2007. She was performing at the reception, and without being sure why, I stole some time from covering the actual reception mingling that was going on to capture four complete performces of jazz standards by Mandy. I was hooked. Her voice, her style and her charisma made it obvious: she was a rising star. We connected after the wedding and I sent her a DVD of the songs I captured, and soon after, she hired me to film an engagement at Crush Lounge.

Fastforward 4 years and Amanda is releasing a brand new album of the most singable, hook-filled contemporary jazz you'll ever hear. Think of her as the female Michael Buble. And as the girl next door. As I told Mandy throughout the process of making this video, her personality is so winning that it should be the centre of any marketing campaign for her music. And so I made it the centre of this behind the scenes video, filmed while Amanda was putting the finishing touches on her new, gorgeous album, "On My Way To You."

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