Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Angela ♥ Cam ... SDE

Day 1 of our two wedding weekend was the uber chill Angela and Cam. They invited us to relax and enjoy the day with them. Angela even told me to take breaks whenever I wanted/needed. That's against my religion but I appreciated the offer!

Ang and Cam - or "Camgie" - have been together for ages. Ang mulled the idea of not even bothering with a wedding since it was just a formality for them. But having all their family and very closest friends come together to celebrate and more or less chill together made it more than worthwhile.

Exchanging compliments all day and imbibing fluids all day these two really set out to enjoy the day and I have to be honest that had an impact on the first dance. While dancing, Ang commented that Cam should switch to drinking water. I think Cam replied that this sounded like a strange idea.

Whatever they are doing, it's working, and the emotions that went on during the speeches was memorable. The photo shoot took advantage of our local forests, beaches and most of all sunlight. I did some sun worshipping myself in this video, with mayybe just enough lens flares! And Ang and Cam's lovely Kits house provided the perfect backdrop for the first part of the day.

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