Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alden ♥ Steven ... A Whistler Wedding

We were not able to share this video since filming it back in March, and believe me it has been hard keeping it a secret. We had to keep the video under wraps while the wedding was being considered by Martha Stewart Weddings. This week we received the news that MSW would be featuring the wedding, and our video has been shared on the Martha Stewart Weddings Blog. Very very exciting.

Every wedding has a theme. Something that inspires and unifies every aspect of the planning and design. There's no better way to create a theme than flying literally everyone in to your favourite winter getaway to celebrate with you. Planner, decorator, band, photographer, and all the guests made the trip to our world-famous ski village for Steve and Alden's wedding. It could not have been more lavish or perfect, with a wall of lights that became a starry sky as the light faded during the ceremony, jaw dropping decor set off by pine cones and hot toddies at the reception, and mini-lanterns to help the guests find their way to the after party at the Four Seasons Residences. And finally matching UGGs for the girls to keep warm on the trek.

Given Alden & Steve's connection with music, and music videos, there was just a teeny bit of pressure to get this video right. I actually struggled having TOO MANY sweet shots and perfect sound bites. The amazing song by Barcelona (iTunes link) helped a lot. As did the incredible mood set by The Cheeseballs! And of course a big thank you to Michele Davidson of Modern Celebrant for setting a magical tone with her voice and her words.

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