Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vivian & Chris ... Highlights

Vivian and Chris' lovely Brock House wedding!! For this video, we did not have to do a same day edit, so we spent the whole evening hanging out with Vivian and Chris, their guests, and Melody and Eric of Melody Davis Photography. It was really relaxing and fun! Of course we were filming and working but it's nice to enjoy a wedding as a semi-guest sometimes!

I was having a conversation recently and was asked, having seen so many couples and weddings, have I learned anything about what makes a couple so good together? What makes it work? First I said that you can never presume to know anything about someone else's life, unless you really know them. But then I said that basically some couples just have "it." They just click. When you see them together, you just know.

But let's get this out of the way: Chris describes himself as "boring." I have to admit I've never heard someone say that about themselves. "I'm the boring one." Vivian had said just before that Chris is "the creative one." Hmm. I think I can say that whatever the glue is that hold two people together, Vivian and Chris are covered in it. So sweet together. And a little silly too!

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