Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reilley & Branden ... SDE

She came down the aisle... and was so beautiful that... he fainted.

From a wedding filled with words to a wedding filled with music. I first met Reilley along with her parents and younger sister. It was impressed upon me right away that music would be an important component of the wedding. There would be several performances and Reilley herself would be playing violin during the ceremony. During the ceremony! Little did we know at the time the degree of concentration that would require.

Reilley is a person of strong conviction. She told me that immediately when she saw Erin's work she knew she had to hire her. The same applied to our videos; there was just no other option. As a hesitant, indecisive person I really admire someone who can just lock in on a decision and stick to it.

The day was modeled on the Royal Wedding earlier this year, with seemingly a doo-wop influence on the groomsmen's shoes. The tiara and Branden's tux were impossible to miss. Unfortunately it was such a muggy day and the church was a little underventilated, so one of those two items became a problem. The road of marriage is tough, and sometime the road to marriage can be rough. Doors were opened, buttons were loosened and Reilley took center stage and did not look back.

After a fun refreshing photo shoot with Erin we headed to Swan-e-set and were treated to an amazing non-music performance by Reilley, Branden and the bridal party, then some pretty stunning musical ones shortly after. We incorporated musical instruments throughout the video, and as a huge fan of classical music there is something special about a beautiful instrument. Also as a fan of structure it felt right to begin and end with a piano. The "88" encompassing all.


  1. That is so beautiful.


    Greetings dear one's from Ontario, Canada.
    I knew Branden when he was a baby, a wee toddler, until he was a young teenager. Branden was always a sweet natured boy who loved his family, the Lord and his buddies, although not in that order! :)
    What a breathtaking video of their wedding day and I was particularly pleased that music was incorporated into the service as well as including the most important factor of all, our Lord Christ Jesus.
    They make such a beautiful couple and I pray God's abundant blessings on their lives and on their marriage.
    Thank you for sharing this video as it has made everyone feel included in this very special union.
    Blessings, hugs and love,

    Susan Thornton