Friday, August 19, 2011

Preeti & Manpreet ... SDE

Preetinder and Manpreet met at a conference and carried on a long distance relationship right through to their wedding. Manpreet is a very tech-informed person and saw no issue with proposing to Preeti via skype. And of course frequently and happily took the short flight from Silicon Valley to Hollywood North to visit his beloved. Of the two, Manpreet is definitely the arty one. Definitely metro. So I can identify! He listened to the tabla performance with his eyes closed, drumming the rhythms on his knee as you'll see in a special shot in the video.

Preeti is always poised and always great to talk to, with that perfect mix of humor and seriousness. She transformed from an everyday gal to a princess for her wedding, but was only too happy to go back and really revel in the reception performances.

It helped that said performances were so fun and energetic. I don't really know this for sure but I think that being from the real Hollywood or thereabouts helps create some naturally talented performers. And that includes Manpreet himself, who got up and performed to a song written for a girl named Preeti.

The cutest moment happened somewhere on the road between the two doli locations after the ceremony. Preeti was absolutely wiped out and dozed off in the car. Manpreet waited a little while and then woke her up. I'm surprised his doesn't happen more often!

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  1. Awesome work once again Erik! It was a real pleasure working with you again.