Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Michelle & Aaron ... SDE

I love epic weddings, and I love sweet weddings. This wedding had both. The video begins with a reading from the ceremony, and when we played the video it totally threw off Aaron, who thought he was getting a totally different type of video than the uber sweet one we produced. This guy's voice is movie-trailer epic. It just had to go into the video. I found a short instrumental piece to create the background, and segued from that to David Choi's over the top sweet track when the reading segues from the "nevers" to the "always."

And the video segues into pure sweetville! Michelle has kept a journal and made the page with her August 1st 2011 entry available to us. Her gift to Aaron was a storybook version of their life together, fully illustrated and hard bound. They found big gold letters spelling "I DO" which we were happy to use in the video. Especially after Michelle arranged them so they didn't read, "DO I?" Great job Michelle ha ha.

Looking back, it was a day filled with words. The reading, the journal, the I DO, the overseas phone calls, Michelle's dad providing colour commentary while I filmed, and the JUST MARRIED foam letters on the car. Note to future grooms: if you drive an Audi you may need to pick up some industrial strength adhesive. Eventually it read JU T MARRIE. Cedric and I rocked out getting crazy driving shots along Arbutus and Burrard Bridge.

Need more sweetness? The first photo location was the bridge walkway at Waterfront Station, where Aaron first asked Michelle out. It was a crazy photo shoot with the amazing HN Wedding. Edison creates this incredible energy that has crowds forming and cheering. Seriously. This photo shoot was so epic I actually considered changing the song for the SDE. We first worked with HN Wedding two years ago and love every opportunity to shoot alongside them.

What else can I mention? My favourite shot is the behind the altar shot as everyone stands at the ceremony. So epic! But sweet too ;)


  1. Michelle & AaronAugust 4, 2011 at 9:57 AM

    Thank you Erik for capturing our <3story & day! We were well assured knowing you and your team were there on Aug 1. Though our matrimony still so surreal, we now have evidence to show ourselves that it wasn't a dream, but a reality. And when memory fades as the number of white hairs grow we have something so special to bring us back to that very day.


  3. I love the song for this video! what is it called?

    1. David Choi - By My Side