Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maggie ♥ Arthur ... SDE

Maggie we love you. It's weddings like this that make all the hard work and grinding worthwhile. What? Grinding? Hard work? Yup. Wedding videography is hard. Some of those in film production would scoff at what we do, but think of it this way: For up to 12 hours at a time, we have to turn randomness into art. We have to make millions of decisions. And we have to practically film and edit at the same time, and come up with a show-stopping 4 minutes of content that spellbinds an entire reception. Ok, maybe it's really just me that expects all that, but that's where we set the bar.

And the number one thing we can ever receive in return is a simple comment like: "I can't stop watching your videos." or, "Your videos make me cry." Go back a few blog posts and you'll see that that's "why we do what we do."

Soon after discovering Love Story Media, Maggie and her friends/future bridesmaids bought stocks in Kimberly-Clark. This allowed Maggie to pay for her wedding despite a heavy kleenex investment. Sorry Maggie, I'll sent over another pallet soon.

So for this video we had our work cut out. I chose the most emotional song in my "SDE collection" and headed over to Maggie's. It was a truly beautiful day with one of the most stunning ceremonies I've witnessed. Ok it was really hot too. Way too hot. My steadicam vest got all icky. Anyway.

Next on the agenda was a killer photo shoot with Ellen, mostly at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. I'm sure Maggie is enough of an LSM fan to pick out two shots I referenced from one of our vids from 2009.And finally a gorgeous reception at Kirin Richmond.

Sooo... what about the groomster? Arthur is Mr. Cool Cat. So chill and easy going. Unflappable. So maybe that's why the emotional centre of the day was where he almost lost it during the door games, when asked why he loves Maggie so much.

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