Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colleen ♥ David ... SDE

When I write these blog entries I'm trying to capture something about the couple and who they are. But for some reason it's impossible. Hopefully I say what I really want to say in the video. Colleen and David were wonderful to meet and great to have as clients and friends. There's something about bright, open, fun people that I really dig.

They were a joy to work with on the day; on "my side" with Colleen and her girls there was an awesome chick flick vibe with everyone hanging out and enjoying a nice hair and makeup sesh. My fave shot is the crane down on the two bridesmaids in a hair-doing-train if you know which shot I mean. Oh and Jayna Marie was there so I knew it would be a fun, chill morning.

Colleen was so chipper and Dave was... well, Dave. I hope his emphatic but warm nature comes across in the video. And he provided some very "unique" sound bites :) And the man loves his music!

I just have to give a huge shout out to Evan/Flowerz. I've admired his work for quite a while but this wedding really blew my mind. The decor was incredible, jaw dropping and perhaps best of all *perfectly* suited the Convention Centre. The callas looked amazing and the glass "thingies" were pure art.

The night ended with the SDE and then a Jewish wedding ceremony. Technically a Jewish wedding can only happen on a Sunday but David and Colleen decided that 9pm was close enough to being the next day and went for it. Their friends crowded around and I could tell how much it meant to them to see their best friends get married once more.

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