Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arlene & Roman ... SDE

Chatting with Arlene and Roman before the wedding, I heard a lot about the filipino traditions that would be incorporated into the day. From a purely selfish videographer point of view, the more "content" that'll be available to us the happier we are. I turned to Roman and asked what Czech traditions they were planning on including. He said he'd have to think about it. I didn't find out what it would be until the night before.

Let me just stop and say that editing a SDE is pure craziness and yet great things happen. Having the moment where the plate shatters right at that pause in the music is perfection, but I can't take any credit for it at all. It just happened that way. Thanks One Republic!

Anyway, Arlene is nothing if not resourceful and used the sweeping up component of this Czech tradition to put Roman to work. She stood aside and watched and laughed as he swept up the shards of the plate. I had to laugh ... and get a shot.

One of my favourite aspects of wedding videography is rubbing elbows with other great vendors. And I do like to give them each their moment when it's appropriate. Of course CC got a lot of screen time with the sumptuous bouquets and perfect decor - that worked so well in Horizons Restaurant. But I couldn't resist the Elsa Corsi product placement right off the top. I set up the rings with the box and did a medium shot with a 50mm lens. Then repeated the shot with a 100mm macro lens. Cutting from the medium to the close-up makes it pretty unmistakeable: Elsa was here!

Arlene made a last-minute trip to Jeweliette at Seymour and Georgia, and they specially opened the store so she could make her selection. I think it made her day.

I could go on and on. I'll just mention something that I keep doing in these videos: a reference to that private moment when the dress goes on. Doors closing and opening seem to have some kind of special meaning.

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  1. Erik, your work breathtaking. I cant help but get emotional everytime I watch this video. Arlene and I are at the airport now, leaving for our honeymoon. We cant wait to see the final edit. If this is what you can do in one day, it should be incredible! Got to go, plane is boarding now.

    Thank you

    Arlene and Roman