Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amanda & Dino ... SDE

Two reasons why I love filming weddings are the built-in emotion of the day and the creative freedom I have as a videographer. I've often thought of doing promotional or "corporate" videography, but honestly I don't want someone in a suit telling me what to do. Someone in a bridal gown however… Let's face it - Amanda likes being in control. She sent me numerous very long e-mails in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding. I like to read e-mails on my blackberry, but when an e-mail doesn't fit in the screen I leave it for later. I left all Amanda's e-mails for later.

But don't get me wrong, I love input! Input = inspiration. Especially since on the day of her wedding, Amanda was super sweet and totally open to and enthusiastic about my ideas. She even let me get the funky dress-over-the-head shot I've never ever gotten before. Amanda was just so cheery and in love with being a bride. Strutting around coal harbour and thrusting her bouquet high into the air. Cute.

This was a day that began with iPad skyping from Italy and a lot of somethings blue. Even the candied almonds were robin's egg blue. Tasted good too. And during the photo shoot, there was something cylindrical. Cedric and I needed to refuel so we hit up a hot dog vendor, and he immediately offered free dogs to the bride and groom. He then told us we "had" to do a shot of Amanda and Dino munching the same hot dog. This led to a lot of comments from the bridal party, some romantic, some not.

Dino? Great guy. Super awesome. I loved his speech; great to see a guy who's willing to be open about his emotions. Makes me feel like I'm not alone!! And like Amanda his energy and exuberance throughout the day was phenomenal for the video. I got several shots of him skipping along, and he just went ahead and made "the jump" off of the burrard bridge pedestal without being asked OR begged by the photographers.

Speaking of, Jasalyn and Jason you rock!!! Can't wait until the next one.

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