Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stephine & Mike ... SDE

Stephine and Mike are not the most rambunctious crazy couple but they have that calm ease of being with "the one." Together they just look so relaxed and happy. Stephine predicts that Mike is having a rough morning, perhaps losing it a bit. And indeed, when he takes his position at the church all the assembled guests notice he has mis buttoned his jacket. Cute moment.

The whole day was very warm and friendly, from Stephine's family happily watching us do detail shots in the morning - love the bouquet - to the guests we interviewed at the reception. Also warm was the weather, with perfect time lapse clouds we took advantage of all weekend.

The night ended beautifully with Mike's brother performing along with a recorded track at the reception. It's always great to see someone passionate and so intense about performing. And visitors to this blog know how much I love to capture people playing music. But that'll have to wait for Steph and Mike's main feature.

Great working with Derek of Generation Photography - and we will again the coming Saturday!

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