Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Niralee & Amit ... SDE

Coming at the end of a three wedding weekend, this was such a beautiful and refreshing day at Swan-e-set. Sometimes in the middle of a ceremony it just hits me how beautiful and wonderful it is. This was our first Hindi wedding ceremony. Something about the words and the little ceremonies really got to me. So beautiful. The setting was just unbelievable. Alicia from DreamGroup did an outstanding job and a lot of jaws dropped when they saw the ceremony setup.

We met Niralee and Amit for the first time at their wedding and both they and their families were so warm and welcoming. Wish we had had more time with them!

Thanks so much to Amish Solanki for his help and inspiration throughout the day.


  1. This is just beautiful.... thank you Erik. We can't even imagine how amazing the full video is going to be!

    - Hesha

  2. Wow. This is so good. Congratulations you both :)

  3. Simply beautiful
    God bless the newly weds
    Bina Sundar