Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Irene & Ryan ... SDE

As a videographer I have to admit that often I'm more concerned with "vibe" and mood than story. My company is called Love Story Media, and it's true that our "classic" videos are based on the story of the couple as told through soundbites, vows and speeches. But there's something so overwhelming about emotion all by itself that it can be a lot more fun using a video to just create mood. Each shot builds up the feeling and by the end of the video I'm hoping there's both a smile and tears on your face.

Irene and Ryan ... how can I put it ... What an upbeat and happy vibe! The constant smiles and laughter! Their voices - just so cheerful! At our last meeting Irene asked me to use this incredibly catchy song by Craig Smart. It turned out to be the perfect match for the bubbly, poppy vibe that was happening on this day.

The groomsmen were standouts in the morning, treating the door games like an Olympic event, or some kind of MIT challenge. For their song performance, they marked up the lyrics they were given and proceeded to make photocopies before starting to sing. They fanatically passed seaweed and gnawed at bananas. Ryan commented, "I don't want to know why you're so good at that."

The gifts - love pre-weddings gifts! - were a lot of fun. Hey and anytime an Apple product gets unwrapped it's a great day. And I can guarantee that the video above is looping on that iPad right now!

Great working with Derek of Generation Photography again, and what a nice surprise seeing Margaret Lai, Irene's MUA!

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