Saturday, July 2, 2011

Christina & Jesse ... SDE

Certain weddings have "epic" written all over them. We continually reach for our wide angle lenses to give it that feeling of grandeur and to take it all in. And we dig for a piece of music that will match this incredible vibe.

800 guests, a jammed schedule of events, and a Maserati... hmm that smells pretty epic. But most of all, Jesse and Christina's incredible home, which like the dress a couple of blog posts back became a character in the story.

Jesse and Christina were amazing to work with and took great care of us. There were videographer and photographer feedings throughout the day. I can honestly say it helped the video! I had only managed one hour of sleep and the samosas really kept me going.

The best moment of the night came when the song for the grand entrance began playing. Ohh it's an 80's song... and... huh? Why would they want to use "Jesse's Girl"? Ohhhh. Sweet.

It was amaaaazing working with Ellen of Hong Photography again!! Can't wait to see her photos!!

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