Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ray & Jinny ... Highlights

Would it be weird to devote an entire blog entry to a dress? Ok some dresses are just un-be-lieve-a-ble. The moment Erin Gilmore and I saw Jinny's dress our eyes popped out and our jaws dropped. Whatever is going on with those glitzy jewelly things really works and the dress is a stunner.

However, there were other things at this wedding. Such as the non-subtle colour scheme of hot pink and neon green. A pig instead of a cake. Surprise fireworks. A surprise proposal (Jinny's brother). A surprise birthday party. Also there were the perfect pair venues, Fairmont Pacific Rim and the Convention Centre. Erin Gilmore. Oh and I loved Jinny's shoes, which Erin described as ballet slippers, but yeah not your ordinary ballet slippers.

So endless eye candy and a tightly knit group of friends came together for an unforgettable wedding. Ray got a little intense towards the end coordinating the fireworks barge, and it had been a long week of logistics and details that finally came to a perfect conclusion when the first bang went off and brought Jinny out of her seat. Ray is sort of a James Bond type, with all sorts of tricks up his sleeve and a knack for the completely unexpected. I'm sure he'll keep Jinny guessing and on her ballet toes for years to come.

Music by Florence and the Machine (iTunes link).

One of the most touching moments of the day came at the very end of the reception. Just after the fireworks, Jinny's brother Simon invited his girlfriend out to the balcony to enjoy the view. Watch and see what happened after that.

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  1. beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL! I love the "bonus scenes!" ...a proposal at the end of a wedding?! It's almost like watching a great movie and knowing there's going to be a sequel! Fabulous, Erik!