Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mimi & Aaron ... SDE

Personalized vows. Everyone should do it. Often couples ask me to give them advice, to give them a recommendation to help make their wedding video - or even just their wedding - better. I say, "Be yourself. And make your wedding about you. Bring out your personalities through all the details of your wedding." Mimi and Aaron planned their wedding for a year and a half solid and did not need much advice. But my eyes lit up when they told me they were writing their own vows.

We met up before the wedding and Mimi mentioned that only about half of her guests would be present at the ceremony. That and the early time frame for playing the same day edit meant that we should focus on the ceremony. And on those beautiful personalized vows. So while editing my first move was to lay down the audio: one song each with their vows overtop, broken up to allow the piece to breathe. Then I built up the images, cutting to them speaking their vows at key moments. As always, the editing came down to the wire, but having a structure to begin with really really helped.

Working with Ellen of Hong Photography was as always fantastic, and we both enjoyed getting shots of Mimi's super cute dog Kobe in his tux. We had focused on him for a little while in the morning, but Mimi asked us, "Should we get some more shots of Kobe?" Important little guy.

And I can't not mention the film connection here: Aaron is an actor and has an amazing production company and has now gone on to direct his own films. With his talent, drive and outlook, this is someone who will go all the way. Especially with Mimi at his side.

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