Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christine ♥ Dennis ... Highlights

I had a great and very long chat with Christine and Dennis back in January 2010, where they shared some of their plans for the wedding. Christine excitedly described her search for a glittery dress, and her lack of success thus far. In the end, she chose to have the glitter applied directly to her skin. It was almost a sci-fi look but in a good way :)

The sparkles even found their way into the sky during the first dance with an amazing fireworks display that had everyone whooping and cheering. It was such well kept surprise that I didn't know about it myself until just before the first dance. Don't tell Sarah Shore of DreamGroup I didn't read the itinerary! Thanks Lisa of Ophelia Photography for clueing us in. You can see her photos here.

Every table was adorned with a vase with one fighting fish, but luckily when Dennis had his "Greek moment" he happened to smash a non-fish-containing vase. It took him a few moments to collect himself and yell, "Opa!"

Christine and Dennis are one of those couples that define for their friends what a REAL relationship is, and left no doubt in anyone's mind that they are prepared to out-cute and most definitely out-kiss all comers.

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