Saturday, February 26, 2011

Amanda ♥ Kevin ... Highlights

Ah, the wedding industry. There are certain places and faces that keep coming up; and grateful we are as they are so awesome and intrinsic to our BC wedding milieu. Take Swan-e-set. We filmed FIVE weddings there in 2010. Crazy. But there's no end to the ways to film a wedding there, and we always look forward to going there!

The "face" in question is that of Brent Sheppard. He presided over the very first wedding I filmed professionally, and I have lost count of how many LSM weddings he's been a part of. He's super fun, AND he knows how to wear a tie.

So we do love the sweet repetition in this industry. But sometimes you need to change it up, yo. So for this wedding I brought along a super 8 camera and snapped off a few shots. Please watch for the grainy and gorgeous shots here and there, and ask me about how you, too can have a "super 8 wedding."

I also got a little carried away with car shots at this wedding, apologies. There's something about shiny objects that move. I will not apologize for the crazy blue car shot, which I happily risked my life to get.

All in all, this is one of my favourite videos!


  1. Now that is a wedding video. I'm not saying that because Kevin and Amanda are my friends and that I'm in it.