Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alexandra ♥ Adam … Highlights

{ Alex calls herself our "biggest fan" and indeed generates a good portion of the hits drawn by this blog. She has had unbelievable enthusiasm about the process of creating the video and has sent numerous e-mails about imagery and music. I'm really looking forward to hearing your comments Alex! }

It's always an honour to be chosen to film someone's wedding, but sometimes the honour is particularly intense. Alex and Adam have been together for practically forever. They've been friends since they were small. I think when you meet someone, and for as long as you love them, you carry a piece of who you were when you met. Perhaps this explains the extremely cute and childish tricks and games A&A play with one another, such as Alexandra's trademark fakeout-kiss that Adam likes to fall for, over and over.

The venue on this day was Hatley Castle, located just west of Victoria on Vancouver Island. When I found out where the wedding was happening, my mind raced to figure out how to best utilize the location. And to be honest, I was just in love with the word "castle." While we were filming, the grounds seemed to come alive with creatures, as you might see in a Disney film - or perhaps a Miyazaki. Bumblebees, hummingbirds, and peacocks flying and roaming around. You may even see a happy centipede if you watch closely. In the end, the castle itself became one of the important characters in this film. And how fitting that, like Alex and Adam's love, the castle has been around longer than anyone can remember, and will remain forever.

As an experiment I spent quite a lot of time on the sound for this video. The majority of the sounds in the first half are not the real sounds but were added to enhance the visuals. There is wind, bumblebee buzzing, hummingbird humming, a distant peacock call, a scissor snip and a a variety of jangling and tinkling sounds. Put on a pair of headphones and see what else your ears can discover.

Speaking of ears, the song is To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra. It's one of those beyond perfect pieces I've been waiting to use; now the moment has arrived! Similar to the title of this song, I feel like I built this video brick by brick as you would a castle, given how much planning and care went into it and how structured and perfect I tried to make it.


  1. Beautiful work, Erik & Co., as usual. Keep it up.

  2. This film is breathtaking - really gorgeous and I don't even know them but am so happy for this couple!

  3. Beautiful work, I'm sure the Bride is absolutely thrilled with it. Love the choice of music as well, it fits so perfectly!

  4. Dear Erik,
    You captured the memory of Adam's and my wedding day with every thoughtful touch-- from the editing to the shooting, this video simply melts my heart. Thanks for treating the video journalism process with such care and finesse. All the enchantment and magic of August 1, 2010 is brought back to life when I view your work. I can't thank you enough. Your storytelling is incredible. Sincerely,
    Your Biggest Fan, Alexandra Hoffman

  5. Amazing work! I find myself watching it over and over again! This highlights video is just filled with emotion! Great job.

  6. Wow, absolutely blown away by your cinematography. Absolutely beautiful.