Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sandy ♥ Pat ... To Entertain

"The thing that we love most in life is to entertain." This one sentence from Pat's speech perfectly summarizes what this night was: quite simply the perfect reception. Those fortunate enough to attend this event, which followed a wedding in Mexico, were absolutely spoiled with amazing food, drink and entertainment. No expense nor effort was spared to make the night unforgettable.

In life, it's important to pursue your passion. I often wonder if people really know how deeply I care about the videos I create, and how every detail has been carefully chosen, often agonized over, before I consider a video complete. Pat runs a bartending company called Liquid Bartending, and clearly he shares the same passion for his work. It was awesome to see him rushing the last details of the event into place with his bartending team, and then switching into party mode and thoroughly enjoying the night.

Kudos to Jasalyn Thorne, who is so talented and pleasant to work with, and to Harumi Suzuki, truly an amazing wedding planner.

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