Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Supipi ♥ Simon ... SDE

I first met Supipi at a wedding in October 2008, where she was the maid of honour. It was great to film her own October wedding two years later. I've decided that "early fall" is my favourite time of year. Check out the amazing time-lapse near the end of the video, with some picturesque fall leaves in the foreground. Cedric brought his motion control dolly system and pulled off a kind of shot you won't find in a lot of wedding videos! The camera is moving DURING the time-lapse.

It's a funny thing that happens while I'm filming, someone looks right into the camera and it looks OK. There's something called the "fourth wall" meaning the gap between the people in a video or film and the people watching. If someone looks into the camera it tends to "break" the fourth wall. We no longer feel like we are watching something that happened, rather it seems artificial; we become conscious of the camera.

However, Supipi looks directly into the camera twice in this video, and these are two of my favourite shots. The directness of it and the feeling that she is in control of her own image is really powerful in my opinion.


  1. What an amazing video!

    I love your style

  2. Interesting...
    I like the alternate sequence of getting ready madness nicely captured.

  3. supipith banda ehenam...! :( madai api balan hitiya....kavuda danne ochchara ikmanata bandi kiyala..:)