Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Laura ♥ Enzo ... In case I need to cry

On the morning of Laura and Enzo's wedding, we felt like we had walked into a movie. Enzo - THE most thoughtful and warm-hearted person you could meet - was directing traffic, ensuring all of the TEN (10) boys and men were on time with their preparations. The atmosphere was so perfect that pretty much anything we filmed looked great. Even Enzo mis-buttoning his shirt, which is not shown here ;)

You can see in the video what we witnessed at Laura's. It's a moment that was just made to be filmed. I didn't even know what was happening until halfway through. I got pretty close to the card and shifted focus to Laura's face, and at this moment an absolutely huge teardrop fell from her face. I didn't even realize it was a tear until watching the footage afterwards. This emotional reading became the main storyline for the video, connecting to the "Proteggi questa casa" plaque at Enzo's parents' place.

One of my favourite shots is Laura's sister putting the garter on Laura. You can't see what's taking place because of the sofa that is in the foreground. But that's what makes the shot so perfect: sometimes not showing something is the best way to show it.

The ceremony is shown with a small selection of longer shots, to convey the awesome space that is St Francis of Assisi, and to match with the mystique of the music and the priest's words to Laura and Enzo.


  1. I love your video!

  2. I thought that your video was wonderful!

  3. Sniff sniff absolutely beautiful!!!! Congratulations you two!

  4. that was so beautiful!!!Congrats!!

  5. cara Laura,
    abbiamo pianto insieme a te guardando il tuo video. Siamo felici per te e ti vogliamo dire che eri una sposa bellissima e dolcissima. ti vogliamo tanto bene e ti aspettiamo presto a Cuccaro insieme ad Enzo. Baci Gianluca, Marilena Anna Rosa Ilaria

  6. Cara Laura
    ho appena visto il tuo video e mi sono veramente emozionata!! sei bellissima ... Auguro ancora una volta a te e al tuo sposo tutta la felicità, la gioia e la serenità che meritate.
    Un saluto caloroso anche alla tua splendida mammina!!
    Con tutto l'affetto che posso baci da Marina

  7. you guys are the wedding of the mouth . hope your happy and i hope you read my comment. i had so much fun at your wedding it was a great party. Hope to see you soon .congrats!!!
    Best wishes!!
    xo xo xo xo
    xo xo xo
    xo xo