Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Loretta ♥ David ... Highlights

Loretta and David were totally ready to book with us at their first meeting. In fact, Loretta knew exactly what she wanted: no full length wedding video, just a short highlight video. "Just like the ones on the website, I like those," she said.

So we were able to create maybe our most cinematic video ever, not having to worry so much about the conventional coverage that would be needed for a longer edit. It did take a long time to place all of the shots and create the non-chronological storyline you'll see in this video.

As David mentions, Loretta did most of the work planning this wedding, and the awesome Jen Opsahl of Hello Bella Events put it all together on the day to create a picture perfect wedding. And also toughed it out in the rain to give Loretta the outdoor wedding she MUCH preferred.


  1. AMAZING! You guys continue to blow me away with your cinematography and talent. I have decided that if I had to choose between wearing a wedding dress or having you there to capture my big day (if I could time travel of course) I would definitely choose to have had you there. I'm sure you could make a girl look good in a potato sack anyways. Absolutely stunning. PS- Please pencil me in for August 23, 2013 for my 5 year anniversary vow will be somewhere tropical. :)

  2. Stumbled across your page as I'm in the process of planning a wedding...Amazing work!!! I would definitely love to have a video done.
    Side note: would you by chance happen to know the name of the marriage commissioner of this wedding??? I really liked her style! :)

  3. Thanks so much Jen!!! Stay tuned for Jenn and Perry's highlights.

    Poster #2, thanks! The officiant is Lorraine Humphries.

  4. This is stunning! I'm such a fan of your work, Eric. Can you tell me the name of this song (particularly love the string section)?

  5. Thanks everyone! Kristina the first half is "Birds" by Emiliana Torrini. The second part (with the string section) is "Tomorrow Untrodden" by The Flashbulb. You can find it on iTunes.