Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kevin ♥ Andrea ... SDE

It was a little over a year ago, at Jennifer and Wilson's wedding, that we first started thinking cinematically while filming a wedding. Cinema is telling a story using visual pieces; or conveying a mood or expressing an emotion. Those pieces or shots only make sense in the context of the shots before and after. The pieces acquire meaning as the sequence of shots is viewed. Even the most abstract and bizarre shot can be totally appropriate given the right context.

At Kevin and Andrea's wedding I think we've taken the next step: thinking about the meaning of each shot, and choosing compositions that say what we want them to say. A good example is the scarf being suspended over Kevin's head. His eyes are the only part of his face visible, and they are looking up as the scarf is spread above his head. It's not too hard to imagine what he's thinking. Showing just his eyes connects with something taking place above him and beyond his control.

Or the shot of Kevin putting on his jacket, alone and small in a huge space. Or the shot of Andrea wincing slightly as she squeezes on another bangle. Her head is on the "wrong side" of the frame which underlines her slight discomfort.

These are split-second unplanned decisions that only make sense after the fact. But hopefully this kind of thinking will become more prevalent in our videos, so that we are telling the most specific and visual story possible.


  1. Amazing job Erik! Everyone loved the SDE (especially us) and we can't wait to see the final film. Thanks again for everything!

  2. Thanks so much Erik!! The SDE is fantastic!!!