Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jenn ♥ Perry ... Highlights

We filmed Kristin and Tyler's wedding on New Year's Eve last year, and upon seeing her sister's video, Jennifer decided she'd have to have a video done as well. I've mentioned before on these blogs how wonderful it is to rejoin the same family and friends for another splendid wedding, being happily surprised throughout the day by familiar faces. My memory of Perry was of his incredible dry wit in his role as MC for K&T's wedding. On this day he again kept us all laughing throughout the day, and was literally Jennifer's rock. After looking forward to her own wedding for so long, Jenn was one of most excited and jittery brides ever. This self-described "bridey-bride" has been obsessively checking this blog since her wedding, so I'm happy to say Jenn that your wait is over!

The song is Looking for Someone by Sarah Slean.


  1. Hi Jennifer and Perry,
    I loved watching this beautiful video and seeing all the behind the scenes preparations. It was truly a lovely day - it was so good to be outside for the ceremony surrounded by such caring, fun loving people. Despite the rush of the past few weeks with moving and school starting, I hope the memory of your special day brings you peace and happiness.

  2. Hi Jennifer and Perry;
    I have only just met you occasionally at Elaine and Ron's. I am "the next door neighbour" to them. I have watched your family come and go to their place. I adored this video. Elaine shared it with me. Congratulations on this very very special event in your life. Keep your love alive and growing.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    I'm really sorry I wasn't able to be there for your special day. Congrats, to both of you...Jen and Perry.