Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gelaine ♥ Edward ... Highlights

At a consultation this year, one of our clients described our videos as "charming." She said, "You actually show people smiling. Your videos are so happy." While I think LSM definitely has a serious side, and many tear-inducing videos, it's true that we have a real affinity for those cheerful and intensely happy moments in life. Life is truly short and such moments need to be enjoyed.

So when we met Gelaine and Ed - at their wedding, as everything had been done via e-mail up to that point - we knew we'd be on the right wavelength. Very sweet and cute but with an intense creative side. Ed created the graphics for all printed matter at the wedding - from their portrait canvas to the itinerary - and also chose the designs for the rings.

During the morning I asked Gelaine if she had the rings. She handed over these oddly shaped objects. Seeing my confused look, she said, "These are the rings." As you'll see in the final shot, these rings are not round. You'll also notice Ed taking a moment to absorb how the ring feels on his finger. Apparently his hexagonal ring is quite comfy. I'm envious.

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