Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cindy ♥ Eugene ... Highlights

I first met Cindy at Carolyn and Kevin's wedding in July of 2009. She was so energetic and hyper that I had to ask, "So when is your wedding?" I'm not a fan of marketing while filming someone's day, but this was one wedding I did not want to miss. Cindy and Eugene dragon boat - Eugene competitively - and I'm guessing that anything lower intensity would leave them craving more adventure and unable to focus on everyday life. On her own wedding day, Cindy did not disappoint, and her wonderfully high-strung nature is on display in this video. Maybe even as much as the uber-cute puppy!

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  1. Does anyone know where that place is where you took pictures underneath the tree? Looks like it's in the middle of a parking lot...or near a hotel...