Monday, August 23, 2010

Right as Rain { my car accident }

The things we do for our clients! Last Thursday the 19th I was driving west on Kingsway on the way to a wedding rehearsal at Fairmont Pacific Rim. Just after the point where Kingsway feeds into Main Street, a vehicle in the left lane veered slightly into my lane. Then it suddenly crossed my lane and I could not avoid smashing into the side of the car. The collision and my reaction to it forced my car to the right. I saw a fire hydrant through the windshield. Just a horrible split second later I smashed into it. The car filled with smoke and big yellow blobs, which turned out to be the air bags. At that moment I froze and assumed I'd be trapped in the car. But when I tried the door it opened. So I jumped out and headed for the sidewalk. Then I remembered that i had some equipment and got that from the trunk.

All the emergency vehicles came very quickly and the whole thing turned into a community event as you'll see. There were a lot of spectators taking pictures and video, but I still felt pretty silly filming my own demolished car and the wreckage I made of city property. By the way, if you drive down this part of Main, look east and you'll see this whole stretch of sidewalk cordoned off. The pressure of the water actually lifted the pieces of the sidewalk up.

Needless to say the car is a write-off and I'll be getting a brand new vehicle - thanks ICBC. Not really worth it but it did give me a good story to tell and a chance to use my favourite Adele song. And yes I am now "right as rain" so don't worry!


  1. Captured like a true artist! Well we're SO glad you're okay and we still got to see what happened :p Hopefully ICBC will be good to you!

    Ariana & Dean

  2. WOW! I'm glad your okay and you get a new Car outa the whole thing. Sounded like it was obviously the other dudes fault.

    Hope it all works out!


  3. It's pretty awesome that the firemen had stickers ready to hand out in the event that there is an accident and there are children around.

  4. Erik! I'm so sorry that happened to you...but I'm ashamed to say I laughed a little at the beginning of the video with the slow pan from the sign to the chaos and wreckage that was the street ! :) Videographic (is that a word?) genius :)

  5. Oh my! Glad to see you're fine after the accident. And not shaken by the incident given that you were still able to film it.