Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Queenie ♥ Tim ... Highlights

A very wise videographer once said, "It is all in the anticipation." I think he meant that it's the interplay between what you think is going to happen and what actually happens that creates your experience of a given event. Anticipation definitely played huge role in this wedding, not least in the moments before the ceremony. The atmosphere in Canadian Memorial - jammed with guests on both sides of the aisle - was overwhelming. The nervous chatter gave way to a hushed silence before the ceremony got underway. It was an amazing moment.

Queenie and Tim have been together for a very long time - since high school. How's that for anticipation? Both they and all those close to them have known for quite a while that they would tie the knot. But as in a great novel or movie, where even if you know the ending, it's the process in reaching that point that is fascinating, every moment carried a great deal of emotion and meaning.

The morning was jammed with events, enough for at least two weddings all by themselves. Multiple tea ceremonies as well as other traditions in three separate locations. I'll add that the lavishness of all these proceedings was breathtaking.

The photo session with Roger and Holly of Union Photography was gorgeous, and as always it was TOTALLY AMAZING working with them all day long. Have a look at the gorgeous photos here!

Thanks to Queenie and Tim and everyone who played a part in this wedding for making it unforgettable and for creating the overload of great moments for us to capture. If you look closely you'll see almost all of the same people - including Q&T - in Nancy and Peter's video in the previous blog post!

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